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Lonestar's Blog

   Hi! Its' Lonestar the Armadillo.

(1-20-13) Now that everyone is starting to think about the camping season right around the corner, time for some updates on what's happening at Armadillo Acres and hopefully what you'll see come springtime.

After about a year of searching, we actually have a Managing Forester! (Yeah!) He seems to understand what we are trying to do (NOT cut everything down for money). You may have noticed a lot of survey tape markers particularly in the north part of the property. We have several things that we will have him work on for us. (Maps for this are extremely dynamic so I won't even try to post one.)

The forest is in the middle of getting its new "hair cut" RIGHT NOW!

Several area will receive fairly heavy thinning. There are a number of reasons to do this. The trees that are left receive more of the available nutrients, reduced risk of fire, sunlight will be able to get to the ground promoting growth of vetches and other food stock for wildlife. Plus, it opens up whole new area for camping. There will be a variety of locations all over the property for varying event types.

Speaking of reducing the risk of fire, we will be widening the main roads, especially the ones through the trees. Fire can travel through the tree canopy, so we will be utilizing the existing roads and opening the tree canopy to prevent fire travel. This will also expose the roads to some sunshine which will help them dry faster during wet times, promote grass growth to fix the soils in place and allow plenty of room for passing vehicle traffic across the property.

We will be putting in full fire breaks along the north and west property lines. These will be permanent fire boundaries on along those lines.

We may be establishing a more direct road from the south field to the south-east field. We think that it will make things a little more accessible plus give access to some great camping spots.

We also will have to have the build site cleared and readied for the build pad.


Yep. We are finally moving on to the next phase of the shower house! We'll be making decisions on the mechanicals, materials and final layouts before moving on to vendor/contractor searches. Here is the working plan that we are moving forward with. A few things have and will change, but this is real close. The taller building will be the new enclosed barn, but hasn't really been planned out much. (It's a barn. Pretty much a box with doors.) You won't see the storage tanks for the rain water collection system or the grey water field for the shower runoff. But hopefully you won't really see them when they exist for real either. All Firewise of course!

This is our dream for Armadillo Acres, and it's a huge undertaking. Little by little we are pulling together the plans and resources to make this a reality. And it's because of you, our campers, coming out to stay with us, spreading the word and returning again and again that help us make this a reality. Come escape to the woods with us.

One thing to note is that all this activity will generate a LOT of brush and limbs and stumps and things. We are going to have some fairly large piles of stuff that will need to get burned off or repurposed. If only we knew people that are artists and/or like to have bonfires.




(2/29/12) Ok, it's been awhile since I posted, but I've got a few updates.



(9-12-11) As you may have heard, Texas is in one of the worst droughts it has ever had. These conditions have left most of Texas in an Extreme Wildfire Danger condition. As a matter of fact, the largest in terms of acreage is happening less than 10 miles down the road. See for details. Currently the fire has not touched Armadillo Acres and we are secure.

But there has been loss on a massive scale. Please consider making a donation to help the relief efforts.

For those that would like to make monetary donations to the victims of the fire; a fund has been set up at the Cass Counties Treasurers office. You can mail checks to:
Cass County Treasurer-Office Courthouse
PO Box 152
Linden, TX75563

You may also make an online donation at the following website.
This website also has links to locations where you can get up-to-the-minute information about the status and ongoing efforts.